Unfortunately, due to the staggering increases in the cost of shipping and the inability to provide insurance against breakage by the shipping companies, we no longer sell soft-fired greenware for shipping.  I have left the pages relating to our greenware on the site for information purposes.  We do still sell our quality soft-fired greenware for pickup from the studio but I have to advise that due to continual downsizing and throwing out molds, we can't guarantee that we will have any particular mold in stock.  Also due to our semi-retired state, we no longer sell supplies for doll making. 

We do still have museum quality finished dolls and painted porcelain heads for sale.  We will also, from time to time, be putting items from our personal collection up on the website for sale.  These will include antique dolls, antique and collectible porcelain figurines, and all sorts of collectible items that have gathered in my private collections over the years.  We will ship these items via Canada Post or USPS, with insurance being paid for by the purchaser.

Due to the increased use of Personal Firewall Programs, Spam Blockers, and Pop-up Prevention Programs, you may find that in order to view this site properly, you will have to grant special permission in your program.  While we do not have pop-up ads on the site, we do use html and JavaScript's that use the "pop-up" technology in order to allow an orderly use of the various sections of the site.  If you are viewing this page, and don't see the links to the main site and to the slide show, it is most likely that they are being blocked by a program on your computer.  You will then have to make an adjustment to your security setting for our website.

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We have beautiful digital photographs of lots of different dolls, including antique dolls.   You can email Evelyn and ask any questions you may have and she will do her best to answer them.  Our site is full of information on porcelain dolls, D.A.G.  School of Dollmaking, Antique Dolls,  Dolls, Doll Making, baby dolls, modern dolls, reproduction dolls, original dolls, porcelain doll greenware, and just plain dolls.