Kammer & Reinhardt's Gretchen  (K*R 114)

The Kammer & Reinhardt company was founded by Ernst Kammer, a designer and modeler who died in 1901, and Franz Reinhardt, an administrator and salesman, born 1858.  The company designed dolls heads and assembled the dolls, but did not actually make the bisque heads. This was done by the company of Simon & Halbig.  By 1920, S&H was part of the K&R company and supplied the majority of the heads to K&R.  Some of the finest of German dolls were made by this company with recognized names like, K*R109 Elise, K*R101 Peter/Marie, K*R114 Hans/Gretchen, and of course, K*R126 Mein Liebling's baby.  Today all these dolls are much sought after by the antique doll collector.  As a result, the prices of the original dolls has become beyond the reach of most doll collectors.  A fine reproduction doll such as this Gretchen is an excellent addition to any collection.

Gretchen (K*R 114)  is approximately 19 inches tall on a reproduction German 15 piece latex composition body. The socket head is poured in Seeley's Lady White porcelain, and the skin tones are painted matching the antique  doll as closely as possible. The wig is synthetic, styled in an authentic German hairstyle. The eyes are painted which is common to this type of doll. There were also versions of this doll made with glass eyes, however, the sweetest look is achieved with the painted eye version.   

Her costume is of fine quality cottons and French Val laces, sewn in the  fashion of  French Hand Sewing,  by machine, and consists of a dress, slip and pantalets. Her ribbons are of fine silk.  Her socks are knit on very fine needles with tatting cotton and are hand made. Her shoes are of German design and are handmade of fine leather. Her hair is decorated with flowers contemporary to her time.

She comes complete with a metal stand, Certificate of Authenticity, brief written history of the Kammer & Reinhardt Company, and the resume of the artist, Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM.

She is poseable on her 15 piece composition body.

 $475.00 Canadian Funds

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