Heubach's Adorable Edelweiss

The Heubach porcelain factory was started in 1820 in Lichte, near Wallendorf, Thuringia, Germany.  It was purchased by the Christoph and Philipp Heubach in 1840.  Subsequent to that they made the bisque heads, all-bisque dolls and figurines that have become much loved and treasured by doll collectors today.  For more information on the Gbr. Heubach porcelain factory, please CLICK HERE.  Sweet Edelweiss is one of a series of all-bisque dolls made by the Heubach factory in the early 1900's.  With her mischievous  little side-glancing intaglio eyes and her slightly upturned little smile, she is so obviously just waiting for something exciting to happen -- like a new owner to come along and love her!!

Edelweiss stands approximately 7.25" tall.  She has molded hair with a blue painted headband, socks and brown shoes.   Her brown eyes are of a type known as "intaglio", which means they are painted eyes, in a slight recess in the face.  She is all porcelain, poured in Seeley's Lady White.  Her parts consist of a head/torso and moveable arms and legs.  Once the porcelain pieces are cleaned and high fired to a temperature of over 2,000 degrees, the doll is then painstakingly painted and fired several times in order to achieve the perfect skin tones and detail painting.  The porcelain is inscribed with the artist's mark, and once painted, she is hand signed by the artist.  She is then strung and ready for dressing. 

Her costume consists of a crocheted dress, underpants and hat. Her socks and shoes are molded in the porcelain, and painted to authentically match the original antique doll.

she comes complete with a wood and metal stand, Certificate of Authenticity, and the Resume of the artist, Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM, Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor and Top International Award Winning Artist.

This little sweetheart is


but another like her can be made, or you can purchase one of her sisters already posted on the site

 $155.00 Canadian Funds    

Click on the photo for details on how to purchase Edelweiss.

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