Heubach Rosalind 

A Reproduction of a Gbr. Heubach Figurine

This sweet little all-porcelain figurine is of a type known as Piano Babies, originating in the Victorian Era.  Evelyn's accurate reproduction is done from a photograph of the actual antique figurine.  Evelyn's painting of Heubach faces have won top international awards.   The actual antique figurines are hard to find, and very expensive.  Evelyn's own collection includes antiques and her reproductions.  She has to point out her reproductions to visitors as being her own work, as they invariably think HER figurines are the real antiques!!  Adding one of her reproductions to your collection would only enhance your collection.


Rosalind   Approx. 8.5" Long       5" High

Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks of ordering and payment is received.

 $175.00 CDN (plus shipping)

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