Heubach Dutch Girl Hetti 

A Reproduction of a Gbr. Heubach Figurine

This sweet little Dutch Girl is an all-porcelain figurine of a type known as Piano Babies, originating in the Victorian Era.  Evelyn's accurate reproduction is done from the actual antique figurine.  Hetti can be made either with or without a porcelain basket attached to the back of the figurine.  If there is no basket, then the dress is finished in the rear with a hand-sculpted bow.  Flowers on the bonnet are painted with 24K Gold Paint.  As there is no mold available to make Hetti without a basket in this size, Evelyn has painstakingly recreated the back of the dress and the bow of the apron, sculpting them after pouring the doll.   As each of these is individually created, there will be some variances in the shaping of the bow and dress, and there are a VERY limited number of them available.


This version of the figurine has been painted using the original Victorian Scrapbook drawing for the little Dutch Girl.

Hetti in Blue and White striped dress   Approx. 7 Inches Tall

     $155.00 CDN (plus shipping)

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