A Reproduction of Carl Schneider Figurine

by Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM  

This sweet little cherub-like baby girl is a fine reproduction of the original created by Carl Schneider in the mid to late 1800's.  These beautifully painted and decorated figurines once graced piano tops in Victorian times, and hence became known as "Piano Babies".    Evelyn's painstakingly accurate reproductions are completed using photos of the original antique figurine or the actual antique figurine itself.

Raised Paste "dots" trim the outfit and bonnet, giving an appearance of lace.  This highly detailed little girl is as charming as she is innocent in sweet repose, and either by herself, or with her brother, Karl, she would make a wonderful addition to your porcelain figurine or doll collection.

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Klara Figurine  Approx. 7" Long    4" High     $130.00 CDN (Plus Shipping and Insurance)

$250.00 CDN for the pair (Plus Shipping and Insurance)

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