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CHINA PAINTS & MEDIA - Bisq Tone 4000, Dusky Lilac, Lavender Mist, New Rose Red, Satin Black,  Pompadour Red Matt,  Eyebrow #4 Dark Brown, Regular Cheek Blush, Ruby Cheek Blush  

BRUSHES - Large China Mop, Eye Lash Brush, Medium Area Brush, Super Brow Brush, Small China Mop, Medium and Small Filbert Shaders


1st FIRING:  CONE 018

OVERALL WASH:          Bisq Tone 4000      Mix with Area Medium.    Make your sponge into a pad by pinching it between your thumb and index finger and pounce it into a small puddle of area medium.  Pounce several times onto your tile AWAY from the medium again in order to load the medium fully into the sponge.   You do not want to leave pools of medium on the head.  The goal is to apply a thin coat of medium over the entire head area in order to allow your paint to spread easily.   To load your sponge with paint, pinch the sponge between your thumb and your index finger and pounce several times into your paint mixture to "load" the sponge.  Apply paint to head with sponge.   Make sure that paint is applied smoothly and not allowed to puddle in the creases.  This is not a difficult procedure, and is most successful if you apply the paint to the facial features in a "cross" effect.  Start sponging the paint on the forehead, work downwards over the lip and chin area.  Using the same sponge, apply paint around the eye area and continue back to include the ears.  Take a dry, clean shader and pull the paint into the nostrils, lower areas of the ear, the mouth, etc.  Using the same sponge, but without loading any more paint on it, smooth the paint applied to the front of the face around to the back of the head, adding more paint only if required.  Smooth with a clean sponge using a circular motion.  Do not try to remove all the paint, just smooth it out.  Then polish with the large China Mop.  The Bisque Tone Paints are very forgiving if you don't overwork them.    

Your color should be a smooth, beautiful and pale AMBER shade.  In order to achieve a smooth, matte look, you must ensure that you do not apply the paint too heavily, and definitely make sure that it is a smooth and even application of the paint.  You end up with shiny areas if you allow the paint to pool in depressions such as the ears, around the nose, lips, etc.  If you feel your porcelain is too pale, you can always apply another coat of over all wash when you are finished painting the head.  It is better to be too pale at this stage than too dark, and it is preferable to do the second wash after all the other firings as the wash becomes sensitive to more applications of paint and firings and can become too shiny.


To View the SECOND FIRE of the Oriental Bru Jne 7,  please click on the  photo.

 Interactive Technique Sheet for Oriental Bru Jne 7 

By Evelyn Stanbury, DAG GMDM  

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