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Sapphire Designed by Bunny Morris and Paul Jackson.


     Seeley's Worksheet for Modern Dolls WSMD23

     DollPro Sept/Oct 1996  


MOLD:   Seeley's Sapphire M5001 Head Mold -  12" Tall        Sapphire can be done with an open or closed mouth.

PORCELAIN SLIP: Seeley's Lady White

BODY:  Seeley's Body Mold MALB5001 or Seeley's MB925S Composition Body

EYES:  Size 12mm or Painted

WIG: Head Circumference 6 3/4" wig size: 6/7

CONES: Junior Cones - 6, 018, 019:   Witness Cones - Self-Supporting Cones 5,6,7 and 017,018, 019, 020

PATTERNS:  Seeley's CP2601 Dress, Cape Bloomers

(Please note:  All china paints, media and brushes are from Seeley's.  It is recommended that you use these products to achieve the results as portrayed here.  All supplies are available from Stanec's Dolls Ltd.)


PAINTS:  Bisq Tones #2, #7, Pompadour Red Matt, Rose Red Gloss, Satin Black, Slate Blue, Sapphire Blue, Indigo, Eyebrow #3, Eyebrow #4,   Fawn Shadow, Pink Fawn Shadow, Satin White or Whipped Cream, Cheek Blush Cake, Ruby Cheek Blush Cake, Lotus Blossom Glow 

MEDIA:   Line Medium, Area Medium, Water 

BRUSHES:  Medium Area Brush, Large Area Brush, Lg. China Mop,  Small China Mop, Large and Medium Filbert Brushes, Eyelash Line #1, Super Brow Brush or Eyebrow #1 or #2, Proline Brown, Blue and Red Brushes (Optional), Seeley's Complexion Brushes (Optional) Accent Brush (Optional)

OTHER:    Super Doll Sponges, White Glazed Tile, Palette Knife, Round Toothpicks, 2 small, flat dishes to hold media/water mixes.

For links to General Information on Wet Cleaning Greenware, Cutting out Eyes, China Painting Techniques, etc., to assist in the preparation of the greenware and the basics of China Painting,  please CLICK HERE.

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These pages contain material which is under copy write.  Please use them as reference for your personal use only.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email for more information.

This information is provided for your personal use and is not to be copied for sale in any fashion.  The talents of individual doll makers varies greatly, and Stanec's Dolls Ltd. and Evelyn Stanbury accept no responsibility if your doll does not turn out looking exactly as the dolls represented here.

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