We were a Seeley Doll Center, and a D.A.G. teaching studio offering the full program of Doll Artisan Guild Seminars for several years.  Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM, was a Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor.   We ran a full service doll studio, teaching seminars and regular classes and offering full distribution of doll making supplies and greenware.  However,  Evelyn is now retired from the Guild, and only teaches a few friends who have been with her for years as students.  The Limited company was officially shut down in 2013, and we no longer ship soft-fired greenware as we cannot insure the packages and are not prepared to accept responsibility for breakage due to mishandling by the shipping companies.

The  website is being maintained mainly to provide information to the doll making community.  It has always been my intention to provide you with an interesting and enjoyable time while you are visiting our site, and I hope that I can continue to do so.  As the business side of Stanecdolls has closed, I will also be using the website to feature items for sale from my private collection.   In the past, I haven't really showcased any of my dolls as my main focus was in education, not in the retailing of finished dolls.  As the items that will be put up on the site are from my personal collection, they will be as varied as my interests have been over the past 50 years of collecting.   We have included quality photographs of many different porcelain dolls and also some china painting. This site is continually being upgraded, so please be sure to return often.  There are instructions on each page as to how to navigate to the different pages, and I hope I haven't made it too confusing.   The majority of the pages have photographs or graphics on them, so they will take a little time to load.   The Navigation Bar at the bottom of each page should help you to orient yourself if you get "lost".   I have no intention of "modernizing" my website and upgrading to the latest web techniques, so you will need to have patience in downloading some of the photo intensive pages.   However, most people today have high speed connections, so it shouldn't really be a problem for you.  After all, you are here to enjoy the dolls not worry about how a web page is built!!!!

I find that my pages work best on browsers like Chrome or Safari, but they should open in all browsers.

Some of the pages are displayed in a simplistic type of slide show; you use the forward and back buttons to move from picture to picture.  I chose this method to allow you the ability to view each picture as fast or as slow as you chose.  To operate the slide show, simply place the picture and the forward/back buttons in a position on your screen where you can comfortably access both, and then just click until you reach the end of the "show".  Using this method, allows the page to download faster and enables the pages to stay graphics rich without becoming too cumbersome.  For the more extensive slide shows, you just have to have patience.  Depending on your individual connection to the internet, they can take a long time to download.  If you let it play through three or four times, all of the picture should be downloaded and then you can view it. 

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This page last edited on September 18th, 2014.