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Stanec's Dolls


Antique Cloth Body Baby  Dolls

Greenware Price List

Please note:    Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

All sales are charged in Canadian Funds.  We no longer ship soft-fired greenware.   Studio Pick-up sales only.

AVERILL BABY  CBB514 German/S224 18" Porc Head, Arms and Legs $28.00
BABY GLORIA CBB509 German/S209/AL9209 15" Porc Head,Lower Legs & Hands $16.50
BIG BYELO CBB506 G.S. PUTMAN/B317 18" Porc Head & Hands $19.00
CENTURY BABY CBB508 Century Doll Co./S246 15" Porc Head & Arms $17.00
CRYING BYELO CBB504 G.S. PUTMAN/S202 11" Porc Head & Hands $9.50
DREAM BABY CBB512 A.M./OED3046 10" Porc Head & Hands $9.50
DREAM BABY CBB513 A.M./S232 16" Porc Head & Hands $14.00
GRACE CORY ROCKWELL CBB507 BYRON/B345ab 12" Porc Head, Legs & Arms $19.00
LARGE BYELO CBB503 G.S. PUTMAN/B113 12.5" Porc Head & Hands $12.00
LITTLE GRUMP CBB502 E.I. HORSEMAN/S214 12.5" Porc Head,Lower Legs & Hands $15.00
OPAL CBB510 E Heubach/S248/A9249 11.5" Porc Head & Hands $12.00
PEARL CBB511 H Steiner/S249/A9249 11.5" Porc Head & Hands $12.00
TYNIE BABE CBB501 E.I. HORSEMAN/S214 12" Porc Head & Hands $12.00
UNMARKED FRENCH BABY CBB505 BYRON/BH1295 6" Porc Head & Hands $9.50

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