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Picture of the artist, Evelyn Stanbury.  Click here to go to the page About Evelyn Stanbury  

Offering Handmade porcelain dolls by International award winning artist:

Evelyn Stanbury, DAG GMDM

Grand Master Doll Maker and Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor (Retired).

To learn more about the artist, her handmade porcelain dolls, and the awards she has won, please click on her picture. To return to this page, either use your back button, or use the Navigation Bar provided on each page.

Please have patience in loading the pages in this section. It may take a little longer because of the photographs of the individual reproduction artist porcelain dolls and the graphics I have chosen to enhance your viewing pleasure. To see full size picture of the individual porcelain dolls, close up of the faces of the porcelain dolls, and the details and sale price of the porcelain dolls, please click on each picture of the porcelain dolls on this page with your mouse. To return, Click on the link at the bottom of the page, and it will return you to the place where you left this page.  Again, please have patience with the links to the doll pages.  The photos do take time to download.


We also have painted bisque heads of Hilary for sale.   If you just want to purchase the painted head, and make your own doll. please contact us for more details.  

We have TWO of these heads available at this time.

Please CLICK HERE for pricing details and photographs of the Painted Bisque Heads



Zelma in Dimensional Doll Painting

Click here to view more pictures of Zelma  

Brown Eyes

Zelma in Dimensional Doll Painting

Click here to view more pictures of Zelma with Green Eyes

Green Eyes


Little Sapphire in Dimensional Doll Painting

Amber in White  



Black Amber

Click here to view more pictures of Ethnic Amber  


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