Hilary Painted Bisque Heads

by Evelyn Stanbury, DAG GMDM, Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor, and Top International Award Winning Doll Maker

These heads are painted with the same care and attention as if they were going to be made into dolls for Evelyn's own collection....because that IS why they were made!!!   Countless hours of practice have resulted in work that is of the highest quality. 

If you click on the small photo, it will take you to a larger photo where you can examine with almost microscopic clarity, the quality of her work. 

Hilary can be made with porcelain shoulder plate, lower arms and legs and a cloth body which makes her a 24" (61cm) doll.   The head circumference is 14" (36 cm) and the eye size is 22mm.  She will also fit onto Seeley's Modern Composition Body MB190S (19.5").  


To view a pop-up window with a much larger version of each picture, please click on the thumbnail photographs. 

If you hold your mouse over the lower right hand corner, a little icon will appear.  By clicking on this icon, you can expand the picture even more.

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This head includes the wig,  Hand Glass Craft Crystal Lens 22mm eyes, pate, neck connector, porcelain shoulder plate and lower arms and legs, and the pattern for the cloth body with porcelain feet.

Complete Kit:  $385.00 in Canadian Funds


Head Only:   $150.00 in Canadian Funds

The kit for the porcelain/cloth body includes the fired and painted shoulder plate, lower arms and legs, and the pattern for the cloth body.   The cost for this kit is $110.00 in Canadian Funds.  (Shoulder plate not shown, but IS included)

Please click on the image to view a finished version of Hilary

Please click on the image of Hilary to find out more about purchasing the Painted Bisque Kits.

This page last edited on August 29th, 2007.

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