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Welcome to our studio on the web.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit here and find that you wish to return again and again.  We are still in the process of adding more pages to the site.  Hopefully there will always be something new of interest being added to warrant your return visits.  

I have revamped the navigation structure of the website and hope that it will make it easier to find things on the site.  I have divided the website into different sections, with the pages pertaining to those sections linking off the main page of that section.   The main page in each section will have a navigation bar at the bottom of the page, which will allow you to negotiate from one section to the other.  Once you are in each section, the pages will pop up when you click on the link, and when you are finished with them, you can close them, either by clicking on the "Close Window" button at the bottom of each page, or by using the "X" button at the top of each page.  If you wish to keep several pages open at a time, and use your task bar to go back and forth, this can be done too.   If you are looking at a picture or page several times, this is a useful trick to use as you then don't have to reload the page each time you want to see it.   There may be "bugs" in the system yet....I hope not, but if you find yourself lost somewhere, try your back button first and hopefully that will get you on track again, or you can always use the helpful link back to this page.

You may find that some of the pages and JavaScript items on my pages are not working properly for you.  If you encounter blank spaces where it is clearly indicated that there should be a link of some sort, you may have to make an adjustment to your privacy program.  The ad blockers and pop up blockers are having an adverse effect on websites that are legitimately using the techniques developed for these scripts within the confines of their site to display their material.  Most programs have a place where you can authorize the website to allow access.  If you do that, then you will be able to view the site at your leisure.  Plus, I must confess to using old technology on my website, but it is too huge to change and I'm too old to change it.  Not to mention that I really don't understand the need to move to ridiculously difficult scripts when simple ones do the trick and work better.  So until the Internet shuts down sites that are not using the newer methods, we are here to stay.  I just work around them.

For some background information on our teacher and artist, Evelyn Stanbury, D.A.G. Grand Master Doll Maker and Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor, please visit our page and its links, About Evelyn Stanbury.   There are pictures of Evelyn's award winning dolls and china painting, a listing of her awards and qualifications here as well as some candid photos of Evelyn and her family.  As we have semi-retired, we have officially closed Stanec's Dolls Ltd. as an operating company.  With time, I may be able to remove all references to the LTD. in our name, but we are still around as Stanecdolls and operating on the casual basis as described on our entrance page.

Our Soft Fired Greenware (SFGW) is poured to the highest quality standards.  Greenware is the start of a beautiful doll.   We have hundreds of doll molds to choose from.  Check out our Greenware Catalogue pages for more information.  The prices for the dolls listed in this catalogue are not FINISHED dolls, but are only for the greenware for doll makers who wish to make their own dolls.  If you are not familiar with the term "greenware", please CLICK HERE to go to a page of explanation.   As mentioned previously, we now only sell soft-fired porcelain greenware for studio pickup and all the molds listed on our greenware catalogue pages may not be available any longer as they may have made the trip to the dump already.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our modern doll molds, we haven't started getting rid of them yet, so if you are interested, make an offer.

Our FINISHED Dolls for Sale pages have been broken into two categories, Modern Dolls for Sale and  Reproduction Antique Dolls for Sale.  I have recently broken the Antique Dolls page into four separate categories:  French Dolls, French Mechanical Dolls, German Dolls and All-Bisque Dolls.    Even if you are not interested in purchasing a doll, the digital photos are nice to look at.  If you see any dolls you like on the greenware pages, just email me for a quote, and I will let you know the cost of a finished doll dressed or undressed.   We also do painted bisque kits where you purchase the painted pieces of the doll and assemble it yourself.  For an example of the bisque heads available and to view what one customer has done with the head she purchased, please CLICK HERE.

I have always had a hard time parting with my dolls and figurines, but in all honesty, my husband is correct..... there is just NO MORE ROOM.  I do still enjoy creating my babies, but they are ending up being packed away in boxes upon completion.   That makes no sense, even to me.  So over the next while, I will be offering painted doll heads, figurines, completed but not dressed dolls, etc., from my "stash".  As time permits, I will get these items photographed and put up on the site for sale. 

For some time now, I have been making reproductions of the beautiful Heubach Piano Baby figurines and others of that nature.  I also started purchasing the antique figures, and my collection has grown beyond my ability to house it.  I still want to make them, as they are so delightful to work on, so the best way to accomplish the goal of making them, and keeping hubby happy on the space issue, is to offer them up for sale.   To that end, I have introduced a new page on the site... Heubach Piano Babies for Sale. Here you can see samples of my work, and place an order for babies of your own.  If you are familiar with the prices of the actual antiques, you will see that I have kept my prices at a very realistic level.  Regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing or not, you will surely enjoy looking at these beautiful figures of the late 1800's - early 1900's.  I have also added some piano babies that were originally created by other manufacturers like Carl Schneider and Rudolf Stadt.  I will be adding more as time goes on, so don't forget to check back often.

For modern doll lovers, I am also adding some NEW dolls.   The first of these, Little Sapphire in Red and Sweet Kelly, both cabinet sized modern dolls, are already posted.

If you should wish to make a purchase, our methods of shipment, ordering details, etc., are all outlined for you on our How to Place an Order page.  If you wish to place your order by email, send us an email with contact information, and we will work out a way to make secure payment.  We no longer accept credit cards, but we do accept checks or money orders.

If you would like to learn more about doll making, we have our FREE Education Section of the website.   Here you will find the Seminars on the Net  pages, which include links to doll making instructions such as cutting out eyes in soft-fired greenware, china painting, general information on soft-fired greenware cleaning, sewing for competition, etc. As well, this section contains links to our online seminars and Interactive Technique Sheets.  These seminars include instructions for the gorgeous A. 11 T. by A. Thuillier,  the beautiful  Bru Jne 13 French Bebethe delightful ORIENTAL BRU JNE 7 and The Dolls of Gebruder Heubach  which includes Heubach's Billie and Die Schwester.  I am again working on the seminar which includes THREE different dolls.  The seminar is called  The Three Cousins, and includes the Depose Tete Jumeau, the Tete Jumeau 1907 and Kammer & Reinhardt's K*R 117n.  I finally finished my reproduction of the 1907 Tete (I never said I was fast with this hobby!!)  If you use these seminars to complete your dolls, please drop me a line and let me know how helpful it was to you.   Something new to the Seminars on the Net section are links to downloadable .PDF format files that you can print out for your own use without all the attendant internet hype. 

Just added - our first MODERN DOLL seminar which is done using Little Sapphire and the Dimensional Doll Painting technique of painting eyes.  These dolls are also available for sale.   For more information on PURCHASING one of these beautiful little cabinet-sized dolls, please CLICK HERE.

We appreciate your comments and feedback and have provided a place on our website where you can do so with ease.   Most of the pages have a link to our email, or you can fill out the comment box on our Feedback Form.     Unfortunately Net Gear has closed down our Guestbook site, so we no longer offer that service, but you can click HERE to send me an email with your comments.

We are incredibly proud of all of our student's work.  Our students are consistently in the top award winners when they enter their dolls in competitions.   We have students who have won the Maggie, the Millie and Gold Rosettes, as well as multiple other top rosettes and awards.  We have posted a few examples of their dolls on our Student's Dolls  pages........with a delightful slide show presentation for your viewing pleasure.  As with all the slide shows, please have patience.  It takes a few times around the "course" for the pictures to fully download.  There is nothing wrong with the slide show....that's just the way the JavaScript works, unless you are on a very fast connection to the internet.  

We no longer offer Doll Artisan Guild School of Doll Making Seminars as I have permanently retired from being a Guild Instructor.  You can get all the information you require on the Guild from their website.

Some time ago,  I authored a poem about doll making, and it was published in the Doll Crafter Magazine as a feature item of their lead stories on Bru dolls.  I also made a page for it on the internet.  The Doll Maker's Lament is dedicated to all the hard working doll makers in the world.  Just a fun sharing for the doll makers visiting this site.   We ALL appreciate the agony of putting the final touches to our dolls.

It had been my intention to produce another Internet Doll Show and for certain, the interest from the competition entrants was evident, but my health just did not allow for the time required to sit at the computer and actually execute the requirements to produce the show.  The original show is still posted, and I have maintained the website as a personal favor to the people who entered and contributed to the first Internet Doll Competition.  Please  CLICK HERE to keep in touch with the happenings of the Internet Porcelain Doll Competition site!!! 

While we hope that you will spend lots of time browsing our website, which is TOTALLY family oriented, we also realize that there are many, many other places on the internet of interest.  We have placed several pages of links, web rings, etc., to assist you in finding many places to visit on the internet.  We do not accept responsibility for any of the content of these web sites, nor do we accept responsibility for the content of any links you may find from the sites on our Web Link Pages.  We have tried to keep all contact from our site to a type of content that is acceptable to all viewers, but as the web is a constantly changing thing, and we do not visit the links on a regular basis, it is the viewer's responsibility to ensure the suitability of the sites that they may visit.

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