These are pictures of some of the dolls I have made which have won MAJOR awards.   For a full list of Top Awards, please visit my Awards Page.  I haven't listed dolls which simply won a ribbon.  

While I have enjoyed all the competitions I have entered and won, I have not entered any since I became a Certified Instructor for The Doll Artisan Guild, and it is requested that Guild Instructors not enter into competition against their students.

I still enjoy winning competitions, only now it is through my students that I achieve this goal. I am pleased to be able to say, that they continue to win the top awards at doll shows they enter, including the "Millie", the "Maggie" and Gold Rosettes.  Please visit my page on my students' award winning dolls. It is a sight to behold. I am so proud of my girls and their accomplishments.

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  The Phantom Of The OperaThe Phantom of the Opera

I entered the Phantom in The Canadian Artists in Porcelain (CAP) National Show in 1993. He won a first place (blue) ribbon for both costuming and the doll (achieving 100 points in each category--a perfect score!) For this, he then won "BEST OF CATEGORY", in the show's theme category, "Masquerade". He was then chosen as "BEST OF SHOW" and won "THE NORMA", the top Canadian Dollmaking award at the time.   This was a singular accomplishment, as it was the first time a top award of this nature was given to a modern doll, and also the first time it was awarded in the "Professional 2" category, which is the highest (read toughest) level of judging as this category is reserved for dolls entered by teachers and judges.

I then took the Phantom with me to Anaheim, California for the Boehler Show at the Anaheim Convention Center where he won a blue ribbon and the "BEST OF CATEGORY" Trophy.  He is 24 inches tall on a music box base "stage" that plays "The Music of the Night".


  Imaginatively named, Baby - Original Sculpture

Baby was originally sculpted to be a baby boy in a purchased bunny suit. When I went to enter "him" in the CAP show, I didn't have a costume for him, and as it was early evening of the night before the show, I didn't have time to design a boy's costume for him, so "he" became a "she" and I made the dress you see on her now. She won a blue ribbon with 99 points for the doll and 100 points for costume, captured "BEST OF CATEGORY" and went on to win "BEST OF SHOW SCULPTING".



King Arthur - Modern Doll  

All hail the KING, King Arthur of Camelot

King Arthur was one of those fun dolls to make. Pennie, one of my students provided me with the dome cap from a "L'Eggs" pantyhose container so I could complete the crown. I found the sword, Excalibur, in a little out of the way shop selling Scottish family emblems and things in Orlando, Florida. The fabric store just happened to have a sale on of expensive brocades and velvets, all of which were just perfect for the "King". Old jewelry and rhinestones seemed all of a sudden to pop up everywhere. Before I knew it King Arthur was ready to appear in his court, bearing a gift of a necklace for a favored one. The King also found favor with the judges at the CAP National Show in 1993, adding to my "Triple Crown" by receiving the honor of "BEST OF CATEGORY" Modern Dolls and winning "BEST OF SHOW MODERN DOLLS".   He is 24 inches tall.





Ethnic Paris Bebe

This wonderful doll was never entered into a competition, as she was created after Evelyn's competition days were ended.  There is no doubt that she would have won top honors in any competition she entered however, as she definitely qualifies as a top award winning doll. 

Her costume is made of Dupioni silk with beautiful hand made trims.   Her black skin wig is also hand made.  She has James Hand Glass Craft eyes, hand blown and imported from England.  Her parasol, shoes and socks are also hand made.   Her underwear is of finest cottons and laces.  

She stands 16 inches tall on her 9-piece composition body.

Please click on her image to go to a page with many more photos detailing the qualities of this magnificent doll.



Tessa - Original Sculpture Doll   

 Tessa won a BEST OF CATEGORY ROSETTE for Modern Dolls in the Professional Category in the 1991 C.A.P. National Show in Vancouver.  I used the premise that if I could enter someone else's modern doll in the competition, why not one of my own.  It caused a bit of a stir, because no one had ever thought of doing it before, but it has certainly been done since!!!

Tessa is poured and then re sculpted to achieve her own individual facial expression.   Like all my original sculptures she is a "One of a Kind".

She is 24 inches tall with a porcelain head, shoulderplate, lower arms and legs.   She has a poseable cloth body with a wire armature.  Her costume is an original design and is made of Swiss Batiste and fine French Val Laces using the Heirloom Sewing by Machine techniques.



Little Star - a Sweet Little Miss   

Sweet Little Scotch MissWhen I made this adorable little doll, I was enchanted with the making of sleep eyed dolls.  She has a beautiful set of working sleep eyes that close when she is laid down.  She received a blue ribbon in New York and won a BEST OF DIVISION in Anaheim.

She is 11.5 inches tall, porcelain head on a jointed composition body.  Her bagpipes play music.  The costume is a replica of an antique costume that I bought at an auction in Vancouver.  The original was quite moth-eaten, but still very lovely.  

Her mold was made from the K * R 1449 antique doll, which is a fairly rare and pricey doll.



4th of July - Original Sculpture Doll   

4th of July, Original Sculpture Doll 4th of July is one of the first dolls I entered in the professional category for Sculpting.  I do not now, and never have pretended to actually be a professional sculptor, but because of my status as a teacher, I felt that it was not fair to enter as a non-professional.  This sweet little girl won BEST OF CATEGORY, SCULPTING,  in the C.A.P. National Show of 1993.

She also won a couple of first places in competitions in the United States.  

She is 24 inches tall with a porcelain head, shoulder plate, lower arms and legs.  She is completely designed by myself, including her costume and shoes.




The Links on the dolls below this point are not ready for viewing yet.  That's tomorrow's work.

Googlie - JDK 221   

Little Miss GooglieThis delightful little miss won BEST OF CATEGORY at the CAP National Show of 1991, she also won a BEST OF DIVISION at the Anaheim Show and got a high blue ribbon at the DAG Event in San Mateo, CA.

She is 10 inches tall with a mohair wig, porcelain head, 5 piece jointed composition body.  She's one of my favorites with her sweet expression.

Her costume is a reproduction of one found on an antique doll in a photo on a doll post card.  It is made of checked silk and white batiste cotton undies, apron and hat.



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