by Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM, Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor   



PAINTS:         Bisq Tones #2 and 3, Antique Pompadour Red, Satin Yellow Red, Satin Black, Celeste Blue                         Eyebrow #3, Eyebrow #4, Satin White, Ruby Cheek Blush Cake.               

MEDIA:         Line Medium, Area Medium, Water,  

BRUSHES:    Medium Area Brush, Large Area Brush, Lg. China Mop, Small China Mop, Large and  Medium                         Filbert Brushes, Eyelash Liner #1, Super Brow Brush or Eyebrow #1 Brush               

OTHER:       Super Doll Sponges, White Glazed Tile, Palette Knife, Round Toothpicks, 1 small, flat                                      dish to hold media/water mixes.


FIRST FIRE:  (Cone 018)

1.  OVERALL WASH                   Before applying color, condition all pieces with Area Medium.  Take

     Bisq. Tone #2, # 3,                    care to get into all the small crevices.  Mix 2 Pts BT#2, 1 Pt BT#3,

     Celeste Blue                              1 Pt Pomp. Red and 1/8th part Celeste Blue Matt with Area Medium.

     Pomp. Red Matt                        Start applying the paint to the face with the Doll Sponge.  Apply paint

     Area Medium                             generously to the front facial area--nose, mouth, eye sockets, chin, etc.

     Water                                          Spread into depressions such as nostrils, dimples, corner of mouth and

     Large Filbert Brush                  eyes, ears, etc., using Lg Filbert Shader.  Continue to spread paint over

     Large China Mop                     entire head moving sponge in a circular motion and pulling the paint

     Super Doll Sponge                    from the front of the head all around to the back.  Add more paint as

                                                         required to cover the entire head with a smooth coat of paint.  Using a

                                                         fresh sponge, work the paint over the head, smoothing it out and being

                                                         sure to make the colour even.  When you are satisfied with the even

                                                         application of your paint, lightly and quickly buff  it with the Lg. China

                                                         Mop to smooth and polish your paint.  Wash out eye area.          


SECOND FIRING: (Cone 018) 

1.  EYES                                    Mix Celeste Blue and Line Medium to a thick, creamy consistency.  Add

     Celeste Blue                           a few grains of Satin Black and mix well.   Paint a thin flowing coat of

     Few grains Satin Black           color over the entire area of the iris.   The pupil will be painted over this

     Line Medium                          paint.  Use the medium area brush.  Keep the paint smooth and  

     Water                                    transparent.         

     Medium Area Brush       


2.       LIPS, NOSE DOTS &      Mix China Paint and Medium to a creamy consistency.  Paint a smooth, light  

                EYE DOTS              application on the lips and paint the nose and eye dots as shown on the photo

       Satin Yellow Red

       Line Medium

      Medium Area Brush      


3.  HAIR                                 Mix paint to a smooth creamy consistency.  Dampen the Sponge very lightly.

     2 parts Eyebrow #2             Apply color to the hair with a dampened sponge--fading at the hairline.  Use

     1 Part Eyebrow #3              your Filbert Brush to get into the detailed areas.  Lightly polish with the China

     Area Medium                      Mop, fading the hairline so you don't see a definite distinction.

     Super Doll Sponge

     Medium Filbert Blender

     Large China Mop


  4. CHEEKS                              Apply Area Medium to the cheek and beyond.  Carefully apply the cheek 

     Ruby Cheek Blush Cake       color to the cheek area with a clean sponge or Stippler.   Polish it with the 

     Area Medium Mop               China  Mop, blending the edges.

     Small China Mop

     Super Doll Sponge


THIRD FIRI NG: (Cone 018)  

1.  EYEBROWS                     Mix Media and China Paint to a creamy consistency.  Paint a light one stroke

     2 Parts Eyebrow #2            eyebrow using a "touch, press, lift" technique so the brow will start thin, then

     1 Part Eyebrow #3              thicken and taper off at the end.

     Line Medium

     Super Brow or Eyebrow1 Brush 


 2.  PUPILS                             Mix China Paint and Medium to a heavy consistency.  Paint a large pupil in the

     Satin Black                         recessed area with the tip of the brush.   You can cover the highlight.  

     Line Medium

     Medium Area Brush


3.       LIP SHADING                Mix about half lip color and half  Antique Pompadour with the Medium.  With

      Satin Yellow Red               the Medium Area Brush, shade the inner part of the lips, softening the edges.

      Antique Pompadour Red             

      Line Medium                                        

     Medium Area Brush       


 FOURTH FIRING: (Cone 018)   

1.  EYEBROW SHADING      Use the same colors and Brush as the Eyebrow firing.  Put another layer of

                                                   paint along the lower edge and within the center of the original eyebrow.


  2. EYES                                   Check out the color on the pupil and iris.  If you need to darken them, do so

    Satin White                            now.  Mix Satin White with Rochard Paste to a heavy consistency.  With 

    Rochard Paste                       the tip of the brush or end of a toothpick, apply paint to the raised highlight 

    Line Medium                         area over  the pupil of each eye.

    Lash Brush or Toothpick 


  3.   Lid Line                             Mix China Paint and Media to a creamy consistency.  With Eyebrow Br. #2

     Cinder Brown                       Apply a thin line on the underside of the lid, tapering it off at each end.    


 4. CHEEKS                              Apply Area Medium to the cheek and beyond.  Carefully apply the cheek 

     Ruby Cheek Blush Cake       color to the cheek area with a clean sponge or Stippler.   Polish it with the 

     Area Medium Mop               China  Mop, blending the edges.  Remember, Heubach dolls have fine 

                                                 healthy rosy cheeks


Die Schwester (The Sister)   Mary

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