If you are putting the doll onto a porcelain/leather body, you should do the overall wash on the body parts at the same time as the head and blush the hands with the Ruby Cheek Blush.    The leathers used for the bodies of the antique Bru's done as Oriental dolls were dyed to match the colored porcelain.

Photo1 from The Bru Book by Francois Thiemer, Published by Theriault's Gold Horse Publishing

Photo 2 from Bru-Puppen by Lydia and Jochim Richter

My research has not produced an Oriental Bru on anything other than a leather body.  The arms of the doll vary from porcelain to composition/wood.  The examples found were all on leather bodies with the patented Chevrot wooden lower legs. The skin tone colors varied from a shade of amber so pale as to almost not make it qualify for the color, to extremely dark amber tones.  All examples found appear to be of the Bru Jne 7.  The dolls were 20 inches in height.

The number on the doll's head refers to the size of the doll.  The larger the number, the taller the doll.  During a period of time early in the ownership of the Bru company by Chevrot, the head and shoulder plate numbers did not match as it was the intent of the company to alter the appearance of the dolls by using a head larger than the shoulder plate previously used.  This created a number variance until the mold changes were made that eventually matched the numbers up.

It is fairly easy to date the production of the Oriental Bru dolls as occurring after 1883, as all the examples found use the third generation Bru face, and the lower wooden/composition Chevrot legs.  The use of the wooden lower arms was introduced in 1885.  The Oriental Bru is a fairly rare doll as it appears that most examples found were special orders and not a regularly manufactured model.

Today, it is acceptable to use a mold and make composition or porcelain lower legs and feet for your Oriental Bru.  Seeley's makes a pattern for their Bru Solange that is similar to the body used for the original doll, however, you would have to resize the pattern as Solange is a MUCH larger doll.  You can also purchase a completed body from Create A Doll's body shop.

Interactive Technique Sheet for Oriental Bru Jne 7  

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