I consider myself very lucky to have been in a position to not only be able to own this beautiful antique doll, but to be able to be blessed with the ability to be able to reproduce her.  The larger size of the Arielle mold produces a head that is almost exactly the same size as my Tete.  There is a slight difference in the configuration of the cheeks, but otherwise, the eye cut, nose and head size are identical to my antique.   I finished her in July of 1995, just in time to enter her in the Seeley competition in New York.  She placed with a high point blue ribbon which was the final step required in achieving my Grand Master of Doll Making qualification.  That was also the last competition I was able to enter, as the following month, I became a Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor.

Proper placement and shaping of the Tete eyebrows is extremely critical to the finished look of the reproduction Tete head.  One of the things that doll makers find most difficult (even highly qualified professional doll makers!!!) is pulling the final strokes of the brow down at the end to achieve that beautifully fine look of the Tete arched eyebrow.  Within the Tete Jumeau Technique Sheet on these pages,  you will find the exact measurements you need to place the brows correctly.  I have posted a photo which details each and every measurement required for the painting features, and also set out in a distinct step-by-step manner, each individual measurement, which will hopefully assist you in your endeavour to paint this fabulous doll.

My Reproduction Tete Jumeau's Eyes and Brows Close Up

My Antique Tete Jumeau's Eyes and Brows Close Up


There is, unfortunately, no pattern for the dress my doll is wearing.   It is one that I designed as I was making her after completing my research using The Coleman's Encyclopaedia of Doll Clothes and Theriault's The Way they Wore and In Their Fashion.  She has full underwear, including a training corset made of stiff cotton broadcloth and "boned" with cording, drop-rear drawers which are buttoned to the corset, loose chemise, under petticoat which is tied with a narrow waistband of cotton twill so as not to interfere with the line of her dress petticoat which has a separate closure button at the rear and buttons to the corset at the front. With the exception of the corset, all the underclothes are made from the finest Swiss batiste and insertions, French Val laces and silk ribbons.  The dress itself is made from lightweight pure silk taffeta.  The laces on the dress and hat are antique pieces from my collection. I also made the silk knit stockings and the leather shoes.  I made the wig from some FABULOUS mohair purchased from a lady from New Zealand at one of the San Mateo doll shows.

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