Quality Reproduction Porcelain Dolls and Original Artist Porcelain Dolls

by Evelyn Stanbury, DAG GMDM

Grand Master Doll Maker and Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor (Retired).

Please have patience in loading the pages in this section.   It may take a little longer because of the pictures of the individual porcelain dolls. To see full picture and close up of the faces of the porcelain dolls, please click on each picture with your mouse. To return, either use your back button or click on the link as indicated on each page.

With the recent addition of more dolls for sale, this page started to take too long to load, so I have broken it into FOUR different sections, which reflect the type of doll on each page.  Please take your time and view each page, as all the dolls are quite beautiful, and there are lots and lots of photos to look at.

Please click on the image of the doll for the page you wish to visit.


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