Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM

Certified Doll Artisan Guild Instructor



Workshop Series--International Foundation of Doll Makers (1986-87)

Teacher Certification--International Foundation of Doll Makers (1987)

Doll Artisan Certification (1989)

Seeley Product Teacher Certification (1991)

Sculpting Seminar with Louis Goldstein (1988)

Sculpting Seminars (2) with Iris Buresch and Heidi Psotka of the Hei-Ri Puppen-Atelier, Germany (1990)

Large Mechanical Bru Specialty Seminar (1994)

Advanced French Specialty Seminar (1994)

Ethnic Dolls Specialty Seminar (1994)

Sleep Eyes Specialty Seminar (1994)

Flirty Eyes Specialty Seminar (1994)

*MASTER OF DOLLMAKING Certification With Honors (1994)*

Advanced German Specialty (1995)

Dimensional Doll Painting Specialty Seminar (1995)

Mechanical Jumeau Specialty Seminar (1995)

Alexandra and Costume--Rochard Type Specialty Seminar (1995)


Parian Specialty (1995)

*GRAND MASTER OF DOLL MAKING Certification (1995)*

Victorian Ribbon Work Specialty (1996)

Mlle. Lilianne Rochard Type Specialty (1996)

Smokey Roses w/Seeley Evans (1996)

Bru Specialty (1996)

L’Intrepide & Costume Specialty (1996)

Painting Wild Roses (1997)

Roman Gold and Raised Paste (1997)

Painting Blackberries and Roman Gold (1997)

Rocker-Lever Eyed Steiner (1998)

Jumeau and Hat (1998)

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